How To Use UrMotive


  • Register as User
  • UrMotive has been created for the Mobile platform with limited use via the website. After downloading the App, create your User profile this information alternatively you can link your Facebook account where your details will be used from your Profile.
  • Featured Tab
    • Featured –

This tab shows the list of featured events around you, happening now. You can navigate this page to find your potential Motive. You can use this function to select the Event also Flip to view clips and uploaded photos of the event as the night progresses or posts of previous events that have taken place.

  • Events Tab
    • Category selections

This allows you to select the main categories you would like to browse once you have started the flick through by selecting, you will see all fliers in that genre in order or time date and distance. You can amend the amount of fliers that appear in the Settings* tab.

  • Flier flick-thru

After you have selected the category you will then be able to flick thru all the fliers this will be in order of the time and distance by flicking Left to Right you can navigate back and forth between fliers after selecting an event you will see the following tabs appear:

  • Flip  - allows you to view clips and information on the event also navigate to Venues.
  • Motive– Adds the flier to your Favourites (Motives) to come back to when ready.
  • Share – Allows you to share the image of the flier with a friend via various services .
  • RSVP Request
  • This will take you on to the request page allowing you to send the host your RSVP request for the event including linking your social media platform to your profile to complete a request you must link a picture of yourself to introduce you to the Host you will then receive a email confirmation on acceptance with further information.
  • Motive tab
    • This brings up all the events you have previously Motived for viewing here you will be able to scrull down the list of fliers allowing you to access all the same functions you could during your Event search.
  • Guestlist Tab
    • Requests – This will list all the pending requests you have and if you have been accepted or still pending (without accepted information we would not advise attending a RSVP only event as the host have the final discretion on attendees).
  • Settings Tab
    • Location – This allows you to change the distance of your Motive search filtering your results.
    • Days– This allows you to change the number of days until Motive filteringyour results.
    • Fliers– This allows you to limit the number of result you have from your search listing the top 10 – 20 based on Time and Location.Anchor
    • User Profile
      • Name
      • Number
      • Email
      • Age
      • Gender 
    • Change password
      • Enter new password
      • Confirm new password
      • Submit
    • Log Out
      • Logs out to main log in

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with us using our tab.